Covered California

This series of Covered California spots was created at Roger! I'm particulary proud of the rigging solution i invented to place the IK points on nulls to drive the strokes points instead of puppet tooling them.

2017 Demo Reel

Reel of my latest work! Character animation both 3D and 2D created in Maya, C4D and After Effects.


My first ever game! A box 'em up puzzle game for Android! Pack lunchboxes, collect candy, pop beachballs and more in 40+ levels of fun!

Huckleberry Pie

A pin-up tribute to Huckleberry Pie! 3D Illustration created in Maya and rendered in Vray.

Roblox About Film

Take a peek inside the mind of the creator of Roblox! This Roblox About film touches on the formation of the game, as well as highlights it’s success!


A portrait of my mother reading in her favorite red cardigan. She requested a painting for her birthday! I love you Mom!